Shopping: Underground Signs

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We’ve all been there: Drunk, exhausted, waiting a lifetime for the train after just missing one and staring woodenly at the sign in the tunnel across from us. It reads JAY ST-BOROUGH HALL, KNICKERBOCKER AVE, etc., and would probably look extremely cool hanging on our living-room wall. “I always admired the Canal Street subway sign Woody Allen has above his bed [in Manhattan Murder Mystery],” says Michael de Zayas. “It’s equal to good art: There’s the simplicity and beauty of the letters, and the feeling of travel and place out of their element in your room. When I realized I could make this happen, it struck me as the perfect idea.” With Trevor MacDermid, de Zayas cofounded Underground Signs three months ago, a company that offers customizable subway signs, fabricated from aluminum and printed with vinyl letters. The pieces range in size from 12 inches to eight feet, and cost between $99 and $400. The MTA caught wind of the project awhile ago, but it was far from pissed: In fact, Underground Signs sorted out its licensee agreement and now boasts the exclusive right to produce the replicas. Enter discount code DEANSTREET to receive 20 percent off custom signage through Wed 27. (800-509-3107,—Sharon Steel

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